Best electric scooter in Thane
Your Dream Ride

PURE EPluto 7G is premium electric scooter in India designed to give you the most comfortable ride experience that any scooter possibly can! With its multi-speed smart design, you are in total control of the ride experience whether it’s daily errand in traffic or long thrill rides.

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Ev scooter Mumbai


5 s

From 0 to 40 Kmph

2.5 KWH

Ultra Performance Cell

12 Degree


Why you should buy ?

When one thinks of an electric scooter, one worries about affordability, range and battery life. With EPluto 7G, one can glide through the distance with a companion, emission-free & anxiety free. Made for India, at IIT hyderabad, EPluto 7G - The Serene Ride.

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Colour Variants

Ruby Red